Film Soup

One evening, when I was having a difficult time falling asleep, I surfed the web for some inspiration. I’ve been wondering if I could do anything to my film to make cool effects. It was then I discovered Film Soup.

Film Soup can be anything. It can be legitimate soup. You can throw your canister in a boiling pot of chicken noodle soup. You can put it in boiling water and detergent. You can throw your canister in just about anything- hey, go experiment!- and the results have the potential to be fascinating. I boiled water and added pure lemon juice, and these are some of the results.

I was extremely excited when these came out.It’s important to mention that I did not develop this roll myself, but I took it to my local lab and they were able to process it just fine. So no worries to those of us who don’t have the resources to develop at home. The colors are brilliant, and it always feels good when an experiment comes out nice.

Want to make your own lemon-film-soup? Here is the full tutorial. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

This particular roll I took with me on my trip to northern Michigan. Since I didn’t fill my roll on that trip (shocking, I know,) I filled it slowly over the past two weeks when I’ve done anything semi-interesting. A majority of these are double-exposed, so you can experiment with your experiment. Do it big!