One of Those Things

Ah, yes. One of those things I finally got around to doing, after about of year of saying I was going to do it.

I stitched on a picture!

So I took this picture back in March. I edited it, and then went to to get a fabric swatch made and sent to me. I got the swatch in April, and have been working on it on and off since. It was a nice go-to activity between classes and whenever I didn’t feel like studying.

I have a list of these I want to do, and I’m currently waiting for a new swatch to get here so I can start another one. If I keep at this, I’m looking forward to seeing the progression. Undoubtedly, I’ll learn more embroidery stitches to make these images special. I also have a few ideas that involve beading, so this is going to be a grand ‘ole time, I think.

In other news, only seven weeks until I study abroad in London! I’m getting my photography stuff together for the trip- remember that time I brought six cameras to Los Angeles? Yeah, it’s going to be like that, but worse better. I’ll have to make a blog post about what I’m bringing when the time for my departure draws nearer.

That’s all for now- happy shooting!