Alice in Wonderland

For years, I’ve been wanting to create an Alice in Wonderland series. Like, since high school, when I was still taking pictures of flowers and clouds and shoes and railroad tracks (the usual rights of passage for young photographers.) But, I wouldn’t do it. I saw too many series that looked the same, and the world didn’t need one more copy. Then I saw Elena Kalis’ Alice in Wonderland series and threw my hands up in surrender. Because dang son.

It took me a while to come up with an idea I approved of, and, as you can guess because I’m writing about it, I did.

The idea involved a scanner, endless hours of torment and despair, a thorough search through my house for objects, a couple trips to the dollar store, a broken laptop, and sheer tenacity because honestly I wanted to throw in the towel so many times that if I did there would be enough towels for everyone at the local YMCA. That’s a lot of towels.

I started working on these in October, I had ten finished mid-November, and over my holiday break from school I completed them.

So here have some scanography:

Scanography Alice in Wonderland Series, my friends.

This was a fun deviation away from my work on dreams without actually deviating away from my work on dreams. Lemmie explain: Alice’s adventures were dreams. TADA. Also, all of my models have their eyes closed, which has an open interpretation. Are they dreaming of these characters? Are they these characters? Dude, who knows. I’m not tellin’.

I had the idea to make this series in 2012, after I did a self-portrait similar to the style of these images. I wanted to take objects that reminded me of the lovable characters, scan them, and piece them together as collages. I used my friends, and did my best to match up each person to each character. I have a feeling my friend Megan is going to kill me for making her the Mock Turtle.

Having read the books and watched many different movie versions, I had a lot of material to work with. It’s no wonder I was able to make these, considering all the resource material I had at my disposal.

There are three more I’d like to make, but the characters are a little more difficult to find objects that match them. Any guesses as to who is missing?

This past year or so has taught me that patience is amazing. More than once this year I accomplished a photo shoot that I had in mind a year or more, but didn’t execute because I either didn’t have the materials and needed to slowly accumulate them or I felt I didn’t have the skill set. I’m pretty impatient at times, but this year has proven to me that good things come to those that wait. So, don’t give up on an idea. Put it up on a shelf for a while for when you’re ready to revisit it.

Happy Shooting!

April’s Photos

April Photos bring May… Photos.

So I didn’t finish my 35mm film role until the 6th, so I kinda cheated a little bit this month and didn’t complete it in a month’s time. But that’s okay, I still got some nice shots.

My scanner is really dusty. But the little dusts and fuzzies on the images make them look like they have a special effects filter, like they look older. I like that. Did I like, say like too many times in the past couple of sentences? I’m trying to like, make you realize I like what happened.

But I’m totally cleaning the dust off it off next time I use it.

My best friend, Kaiden, really saved my butt. We were at a graveyard, doing one of my Fictionisms, and I really liked (there it is again!) how the light was shining between the trees. I pulled out my Classica and went to take a photo- no film. I just kinda stood there for a minute, staring at my empty camera half-expecting a film canister to magically appear. Thankfully, Kaiden had a spare roll and he helped me out. You should check out his Flickr– he has some really cool double exposures!

I find that it is getting harder to keep up with this project, but I’m still carrying my camera everywhere. I think I had such a hard time this month because I was swamped with final exams and final projects. My head was hanging low whenever I was going somewhere, thinking about what I had to get done for the future instead of being in the moment. It’s kinda sad to think about how many wonderful shots I missed. I’ll have to try harder to be present in the present.

Something cool happened when I was scanning my images- my scanner thingy got jammed, but it kept scanning as I un-jammed it. I found this surprising image on my memory card:

It looks so cool! I want to try this with other images, maybe a mix of my photography, some stickers, maybe even magazines… This was such a happy accident and I can’t wait to experiment with it some more.

I’m thrilled it’s summer break for me now. I have so many experiments to try this summer- I’ll be sure to share them all with you guys and gals and others, so you can try them out too~

Happy shooting, everyone!