Regent’s Flower

I may be back in the United States, but my film keeps on coming in.

Thursday, my second to last day in the wonderful city of London, started out bright and early with my friend Sarah. We did a photo shoot in Regent’s Park, mostly in Queen Mary’s Rose Garden. I used Lomochrome Purple XR film in my Twin Holga camera, then re-shot it in my Minolta after rolling it back up. The results are stunning.

The middle photo in the bottom row was printed wrong in the lab, but it still looks cool so whatever.

I’ve been curious to see what happens when you double expose Lomochrome Purple film, and hey, I am not disappointed in the least. I look forward to shooting more doubles on this film.

If you’re planning on shooting Lomochrome Purple- totally get some vegetation in your shots. It’s work it, I promise.

Side note: I got an email from my professor regarding my photography class this fall- it’s all analog and other processes, and holy cow it’s less than two weeks away and I am so excited!

Happy Shooting!

P.S.- Is anyone going to London? Can I sneak a ride in your suitcase?

So Much London, So Many Pictures

Good news: I found a film lab (give it up for Snappy Snaps, being virtually everywhere in London,) and I successfully managed to get my roll of film developed! Huzzah! So let’s jump right into that:

These are all from my Natura, from this past Wednesday, because I’m a forgetful person and forgot to put my memory card back in my camera. I’m also an over-prepared person and had three other cameras on me, including this one, so all was well. This was my first time shooting with Fuji Natura Film, the film make special for this camera, and man, the colors are stunning. I’m looking forward to shooting more. While my photos were developing, I adventured around Regent’s Park. I was trying to do some mock-infrared photos, but I think I under-exposed too much and am having a difficult time editing them properly. C’est la vie.

I was in Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, taking pictures of roses, when an idea struck me. Now, I don’t like taking pictures of flowers. For me personally, it was a phase in my early days to photograph flowers, like photographing shoes and photographing the sky. There are beautiful photographs of flowers out there in the world, but I am not a photographer who enjoys creating said photos. But when you’re in a place where there is literally nothing but flowers, you have two hours to burn before class starts, and you have a camera around your neck… You see where this is going. So I got creative.

slow shutter + small aperture + spinning the camera = this

I’m pretty excited about these. I want to do more, will do more, will probably make a whole series out of them because that is what I do with my life. In the late afternoon, I went out with some friends to Leicester Square and Covent Garden for a bit of window shopping. It was nice, being in a small group, and the area wasn’t too crowded so I was able to get pictures that I wanted. All in all it was a good day for photography, especially because I didn’t forget anything like a camera or a memory card.

I’ve taken so many pictures already this trip, and the excitement only continues from here on out! I’ve got a few more cameras to take out, many more series to execute, and a lot of homework to catch up on. So, with that… Happy shooting!