Brill[i]ant, Simply Brill[i]ant!

I mentioned in my post about my trip to Stratford-upon-Avon that I bought a Twin Lens Reflex camera. It’s a Voigtlander Brillant v6, and it took me two hours and a migraine to figure out how to use it. I bought film for it, I filled the film, I got the roll developed, and now I have the scans!

The fact that photographs actually turned out of this thing is a thrill for me. One, it’s a hella old camera so I was worried photos wouldn’t even turn out at all. Two, it’s the most complicated camera I have ever used, so there was that. I’m really diggin’ the hazy quality of the images, and the light leaks in the last two pictures are awesome. I love those.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take it out for night photography, and I surprisingly got a few good images from that spontaneous and not-well-thought-out event. I guess learning how to meter without a light meter is really paying off, since I’m getting good enough to guess exposures at night time with an ancient camera. Kudos to my professors and friends and Google who taught me all the things.

I’m taking it out for a spin when I go to Paris next weekend. I’m doing a photo shoot at Versailles with a few girls from my program, so that should be fun. The softness and the colors I have my models wearing and the location will all fit together nicely.

But, that’s pretty much it for now. If you shoot medium format film, leave a link in the comments to your work- I want to see!

Happy shooting!

London [Keeps] Calling

Busy busy busy! That’s what I’ve been this week! Between classes, tours, a play, and general adventure-making, every night I’ve returned home and edited photos until the computer screen became blurred.

And yet, I only have a small handful of photos to share. Why is this?

I blame film.

I’ve been analog happy this week, since I got that antique Twin Lens Reflex camera. I’ve been snapping away on that thing. Oh, and I filled another Fuji Natura roll, which is getting developed tomorrow morning and hopefully scanned in tomorrow, too.


On Sunday, after spending a wonderful time in church, I got off the tube and there was a rainbow. I love rainbows. They are the bees knees. So, duh. Photo.

I went adventuring by myself on Tuesday morning and returned to St. Paul’s- BECAUSE THE SKY WAS BLUE WITH PUFFY CLOUDS AT LAST YAY. So I went, got another one of my instax-series photos in (which still needs to be edited whoops) and sat in a coffee shop with an old British man who did his crosswords while I wrote an anecdote about him. Good times.

Last night I went to Piccadilly Circus. Now, I also went on Tuesday night, but that was a test run, really. The awesome thing about being here for so many weeks is that if I’m unhappy with photos I took, I can go back and reshoot! So, I plan on returning (for the third time,) to Piccadilly Circus to get in some nice night photography and possibly some light painting. That’s something to look out for~

Also, Piccadilly Circus is aptly named because holy cow you cannot walk around anywhere down there without it being a huge production. Like dang, I got really good at diving out of the way, avoiding cabs, and ducking under elbows. I wonder if this is an acquired skill, or if the Brits are born with this talent.

Welp, I’m off to Ireland for the weekend starting tomorrow, so until then, cheerio happy shooting!

P.S.- just look at that window picture I took. That man looks so unhappy, like I ruined his life. His KFC driven life.