Obtuse Perspectives

This week was the week! My classmates and I put on a little exhibition in the basement of the art building for our Photography Workshop class. This is the class that I am doing my “Fictionisms” series for. Setting up wasn’t bad- I had never set up for an exhibition before! I just now realized that while typing! Wow! But really, it was super easy because I didn’t have a ton of prints, I didn’t use a hammer and nails, and I had almost everything ready to go before I got there.

The title of the show was “Obtuse Perspectives.” I was a little confused about the title, since the word obtuse means “stupid.” So, stupid perspectives. Obtuse is also a type of triangle… But, my classmates chose that as the title, so Obtuse Perspectives it was! The English major side of me still cringes a little, but it’s over now and I’m sure the average person didn’t read into the title too much.

The space wasn’t anything special; it was literally the hallway and this little gallery-type room (which is where I put my work.) So, I mean, it’s no MoMA (hahahaha not even close) but still. I wanted to document everyone hanging up their pieces, so I walked around with my iPhone, snapping away.

I was getting really picky with presenting my work. I love rainbows, so I initially arranged my prints in rainbow color order. But I tried a couple other arrangements, so after about 20 minutes of moving things around I ended back where I started. Then I had to hang them, and I started off as being extremely meticulous, but after a while I think I lost some steam- but my prints looked nice, and they look like they were in a decently straight line.

Friday night was the exhibition. My classmates and I were just kinda there, walking up and down the hallway slowly, not sure what to do (I mean, at least I was…) But, people came to see our work, and we each got to talk about our projects to people who asked. Plus, my mother, boyfriend, and two best friends came to the show, which was really great. We acted a little goofy, too.

My friends even brought me a flower!

All in all, it was a nice night. I’m looking forward to the next exhibition I will have a hand in planning, whenever it may be! Now, my “Fictionisms” series isn’t finished, despite having an exhibition- I have two more weeks to work on it, so keep an eye out for the finished product. (: