Carrying a Camera Everyday

I’ve finally made it a habit to carry a camera around with me everywhere I go. I’m so glad I’ve committed, as it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I carried around my Fuji Natura Classica so I could use it in adverse lighting situations and loaded it with ISO800 Fuji Film. Whenever I saw a scene that made me wish I had a camera, I pulled my camera out and captured it (BECAUSE I HAD ONE WITH ME WOW WHAT A CONCEPT!) Almost all the photos on the roll have some merit, but these are the best (in my opinion, anyway.)

The last picture (with the little glass animals) is a preview of what I’ve been doing in the studio recently. More on that a different day. (:

The images were scanned in on my new portable scanner by Kodak. I gotta figure out what those weird lines are, but other than that the scanner is great. It’s super easy to use and it’s going to be great for when I’m studying abroad this summer and I want to share my photos taken with film.

I started shooting this roll in mid January and finished it February 11th. I’d like to do a roll a month. I highly recommend trying this, because it is truly rewarding. Carrying a roll of film around for a month makes you grow a little attached to it, and it makes you excited to see the final results. I was not disappointed with this adventure.