Just Good News

Hey everyone! I don’t have any images to share with you, but I do have good news and happy thoughts. (:

Last week I was involved in a student art exhibition, where I entered three of my “Fictionisms” pictures. It was appropriate for me to submit them, because the theme of the show was “A Picture is Worth 1000 Words.” Since I attend Michigan State University and our mascot is the Spartans, I won “Most Spartan Spirit” for my submission. I think I won it because my images portray college-aged students reading and writing, but who knows, really.

The Winning Images

So that was a pleasant surprise!

Another art-related happy thing that happened was one of my sculpture pieces, a series called “Her Body is Not Her Own,” made it into the Undergraduate Show at my university. This is a huge honor to me, since my work gets to be shown next to the work done by my skilled, enthusiastic peers. It’s a huge honor to me, and it’s validating for me as an artist to have a “fine art” piece be selected for a show. My main medium is, of course, photography, but it’s also nice to be acknowledged for another skill!

My last and most exciting piece of good news is I get to do an independent study in the fall with one of my photography professors. He gave me permission to experiment more with analog processes like film soups, Polaroid transfers, and I’ll even get to learn how to use tungsten film and maybe even infrared. I’m going to be pushed hard because I requested that I be able to learn about the analog process on a professional level, since I hope to be a photography professor one day. So exciting!

I just wanted to share my good news with you all. I’m always happy to hear about other young photographer’s getting their work seen and having more opportunities to explore and learn. I may be far from successful at this stage, but reading about the success of my fellow amateurs motivates me to keep trying. I hope that you all keep trying, too.

I read my horoscope every once in a while for fun, and recently it told me, “Sometimes the biggest component of achieving something you really want is persistence. Even if you don’t have all the resources you want or need, and even if you don’t have the connections that would help you get ahead, making the commitment to keep trying until you achieve a goal is priceless. You may think that attaining a current goal is a longshot, but you’ll dramatically improve your odds if you don’t give up.”

I don’t think this advice is exclusive to my horoscope; it’s words of wisdom that anyone who is an aspiring photographer, singer, actor, musician, etc should take to heart and follow. Don’t stop, don’t be discouraged by those who are already successful, and don’t lose confidence. Keep going.

Because for all you know, the moment you quit could be just seconds before your hour of success.