Teeny Tiny Photography

I took pictures with a microscope. Check it out:

For a class, we used these USB microscope cameras (I guess you can get them on amazon,) to, y’know, take macro images of objects. Granted, you could probably do this with a really nice macro lens or filter, but c’mon, every now and then us artist types want to feel smart, and nothing says smart quite like a microscope (okay, totally not the case, but just work with me here.)

I went into my jewelry box and went to town and found all the shiny glittery things, because light refracting off of glitter or iridescent surfaces thrills me (I’m a simple person, sue me for liking pretty things.)

But, if you’re a little less superficial than I am, maybe you’ll enjoy these images more:

These are the photos taken with my group mates. I mostly fixed the slides and they took the photos, but they are really neat. From top left to bottom right, the images are: film, dyed kim tissue, dyed onion, blood, dyed carrot, heat fixed and dyed inside of the cheek stuffs.

Inside of the cheek stuffs- really scientific, I know.

Dat magnification, am I right?

If you’re interested in science and photography and cheap microscopes, get one of these and make slides of all sorts of things!

Happy Shooting!