Une journée à Versailles

Today is a good day. I got my prints and negatives from the shoot I did in the gardens at Versailles:

The first image was an accident. Whoops. The other two, not so much. My Voigtlander Brillant v6 did exactly what I wanted it to do, which was create a foggy, dreamlike effect. I think I found a good use for this camera.

Some unfortunate things did happen. I had two potentially AWESOME photographs, but… I somehow accidentally double exposed them? I have NO IDEA how I accomplished this on my ancient camera, but whatever. That’s why I shot in digital, too.

I tried emulating the dream-like effect that my medium format camera wielded, but I didn’t get close at all. I do like what I ended up with though- the feeling I wanted is still there.

Originally, this shoot was going to have at least six or seven girls in it, but plans got all mixed up and our group all didn’t end up going to Versailles on the same day. It was for the best though, because it was difficult enough arranging three girls in an unknown place- I can’t imagine trying to do that with six or seven girls! Though, hopefully one day I can get a chance.

So, yeah, another international shoot under my belt. I have one more set of photos I’m waiting on that features a model, so keep an eye out. Until then, you know what to do: Happy Shooting!


London Bound!

It’s finally time! I’m packing my bags and taking off to London for six weeks!

I’ve been planning/saving/plotting for this trip for over a year now, and it’s nice that it is finally becoming a reality! Ever since I visited last March, I’ve been itching to go back and take some more pictures. I have a lot of series in mind, over half of the participants on my study abroad are willing to model, and I’m just so gosh darn excited I can’t handle it!

But. Really. I have so much photography equipment coming with me it could be seen as obscene. How do photographers travel with so much? I remember two years ago I was at a lecture by Steve Winters from National Geographic, and he was telling us that he had 16 cases of photo luggage when he went to India to photograph some snow leopards. Wow.

And here I am, with one suitcase, one backpack, and one camera bag, thinking: “Is this too much?” I say NOPE. Until I have at least 17 cases of photography related luggage, I’m gonna go with that.

Here is a list of all my goodies that are tagging along on the trip!


  • Canon XS Rebel DSLR
  • Minolta X-700 SLR
  • Minolta Weathermatic A
  • Instax Wide Camera
  • Fuji Natura Classica
  • Horizon Pefekt
  • Cheap Underwater Camera
  • 3D Camera
  • Twin Holga


  • 11 rolls of 35mm 400ISO Fuji Superia
  • 8 rolls of 35mm 800ISO Fuji Superia
  • 7 rolls of LomoChrome Purple XR
  • 5 rolls of Revolog Special Effects Film
  • 1 roll of 35mm Tungsten Film
  • 1 roll 35mm Red Scale Film
  • 1 roll of 110mm Red Scale Film
  • 1 roll of 110mm Color Film
  • 5 packs of Instax Wide Film
  • 6 rolls of 1600ISO Fuji Natura Film
  • 1 roll of Infrared Film
  • 1 pack of Impossible Project Color Film

Anddd I have some accessories, like a small tripod, hot shoe flashes, gels, and filters. I have a problem. I admittedly had a difficult time packing it all, but I somehow managed. Somehow. Plus, in my defense, I will be gone six weeks- imagine all the photos I can take in that amount of time! I also packed some props for said shoots but I’m still convinced I don’t have a problem.

I’m excited to start this adventure, and I’m looking forward to sharing my results with all of you. Wish me luck, and happy shooting!

P.S.- My tungsten slides will be developed on Tuesday, so bummer on that. I’m going to have someone scan them in and send them to me though, so keep your fingers crossed!


Project update!

I’m still auditing the Advanced Fiction Writing class, and the students have moved on to writing their own short stories. These images are created based off of constructive criticisms between the students and the professor. Whenever I hear someone say anything that catches my attention and gives me a strong visual, I write it down and plan a photograph.

In February, I passed around slips of paper that said, “In one to two sentences, please describe what you have learned about fiction writing thus far.” Most of the responses were pretty standard, like, “I learned to make my characters interesting,” or, “I learned that I shouldn’t put plot into dialogue.” I’m not sure what I was expecting, since my question was pretty standard, so it’s only fair the answers were as well. I’m going to pass slips around again, but first I need a more creative question to ask. The struggle continues.

I’m excited about my new images. My first five are still cool, but they were the blue print, the ground work to the rest of my project. I decided to implement letters in every photo as a means of connecting each crazy scene to the next. Since it is a series and since the pictures are going to get a little weird, the letters will remind the viewers that these pictures are about writing fiction.

“That’s precisely what reader’s do- they put a little bit of their life into the story.”

“We want our characters to be imagined versions of ourselves.”

“You don’t want to drive your reader out of the story; you want to keep them in.”

“Let it go where it’s gonna go.”

“You’re going to want to follow the branch.”

“Our language becomes a part of us; we become a part of our language.”

“There are times where you will think, ‘why me?'”

Seven down, eighteen more to go. Get pumped. My goal is to have all of these done by the second week in April. Yikes. I hope to have some more colorful images- they’re starting to become monochromatic, but I’m going to push against that.

I’ve been using the studio lights to photograph each person, and that’s working out extraordinarily well. It gives me more control, a lower ISO, and a light source that I can base my image around. I think this is an improvement from my five previous photos. Thank goodness I happened to take my studio lighting class the same semester I’m working on this project!

Well, that’s all for now. This project is far from done, so keep an eye out for more!