Sewing on Polaroids

I busted out the Polaroid 600 after looking through some really inspiring work on Flickr. I was especially inspired by ester.helloo!,who sewed on one of her Polaroids. I’ve been meaning to sew on a particular image of mine, and I was inspired to tweak my idea (my initial idea was to print an image on fabric.) So I snapped a Polaroid of my photo I shot a couple months ago, sewed on it, scanned it in, and tweaked the colors. The film in my Polaroid 600 is super-duper expired to the point it’s almost impossible to make out the images, so even though it felt weird to be editing film, I feel justified. Plus the result is really awesome.

I’m extremely happy with this. Do you ever have a project in mind, and you just can’t seem to get what you need for it, or the lighting isn’t working, or your model keeps cancelling, or the sky is falling or the apocalypse is four days before Christmas? This was one of those projects that just wouldn’t let me win. I would love to do more of these, but I only have 2 shots left in my Polaroid 600, and for continuity’s sake (I do love continuity) I won’t be shooting more of these on different film. So, I’ll either do two more or won’t do two more. We’ll see how I’m feeling I suppose!

That’s all for now. Keep shooting!

Battle Scars is live.

The project I’ve been working on for the last couple of months, Battle Scars, is now live on this blog.

It has been such a blessing and a burden to be working on this project (which is by no means finished.) I initially posted the photographs on my Facebook page, and I was confused as to why they weren’t getting any attention- well, I thought they weren’t getting any attention. I was getting more feedback on images I didn’t think to be that important. However, at an exhibition this weekend, someone I know came up to me and told me that this project was “some pretty heavy stuff.” and that’s when I understood.

I’m doing my best to boost a signal about self-harm, and just because I’m not getting any feedback about it, doesn’t mean it isn’t being seen. It’s a taboo subject; of course no one is going to talk to me about it. But they’re seeing and reading these stories, and that is more than enough for me. We’re making progress, no matter how small.

I love the people I photographed. They’re all wonderful people with beautiful souls and I wish they could all have happy, wonderful lives full of blessing and no pain. Several of them, when coming to me about being a part of the project said similar things to: “Well, my scars are pretty faded, so I don’t know if it’ll be much help…” it just broke my heart, knowing that these people who have felt so much pain were shy about their pain not being “enough”. This is one of the many reasons why I pursued this project.

I’m by no means done with this project. I have quite a few more images to take and more images to be written on. So keep an eye on the project, which can be found here:

Thank you to those who have participated: your story is so important to me and to others.