Five Months

It has been five months since I’ve done a roll of double exposures on my Minolta X700. More than that, maybe, I don’t know. I’ve lost count. It was probably for the best, because for a while there I was double-exposure happy. But, I have come off my hiatus with a developed roll that I started at the end of March in Dayton, OH and finished today here in Michigan.

As I mentioned before, I started this roll in Dayton, OH. The second picture is of my friend Rachel, in this weird room in our hotel parking garage. The hotel we were in was extra shady, mostly because of this parking garage. After the sixth level, there were no lights and there were tarps on the ceiling, and on the second floor there was this room. It had no explanation, just a desk and a single, creepy, light bulb. So, Rachel posed all stoic-like for me.

The next three images are from when I moved out of my dorm about two weeks ago. My room was empty, and I figured I might as well take advantage of it. My favorite is the red-hued image (that’s me on the floor with my fish, Charlemagne.) I framed everything and my boyfriend pressed the shutter. Team work!

The last three are from this past weekend, when I went with my niece and nephews to a carnival near our house. We had to leave early because of violence (long story, people are dumb,) and ended up at a park by the end of the evening.

I have one image that I scanned in straight from film, and that’s because I was looking over my prints and realized that one of the images I took wasn’t printed by the lab. So, I scanned it in myself, and took some liberties with the colors.

That’s my niece and nephew, waiting in-line for the pirate ship ride, with the ferris wheel superimposed. It’s my favorite because if you look closely, you can see that they are holding hands.

I also took a couple non-double exposures that I think have their merits, so here they are.

Those are my nephews, and that is the pirate ride. I think the light leak that appeared over the bottom half of the image was pretty lucky. It makes it look misty, and hey, pirate ships and mist? They go well together.

Do you guys enjoy taking double exposures? If so, how do you do it? Do you do it with your digital camera and them put images together in Photoshop? Do you put two negatives together? Or do you do your double exposures in-camera? Comment and share!

Since I like doing double exposures so much, I think I might so a double-exposure challenge for you guys. But, more on that later.

Happy shooting!

Obtuse Perspectives

This week was the week! My classmates and I put on a little exhibition in the basement of the art building for our Photography Workshop class. This is the class that I am doing my “Fictionisms” series for. Setting up wasn’t bad- I had never set up for an exhibition before! I just now realized that while typing! Wow! But really, it was super easy because I didn’t have a ton of prints, I didn’t use a hammer and nails, and I had almost everything ready to go before I got there.

The title of the show was “Obtuse Perspectives.” I was a little confused about the title, since the word obtuse means “stupid.” So, stupid perspectives. Obtuse is also a type of triangle… But, my classmates chose that as the title, so Obtuse Perspectives it was! The English major side of me still cringes a little, but it’s over now and I’m sure the average person didn’t read into the title too much.

The space wasn’t anything special; it was literally the hallway and this little gallery-type room (which is where I put my work.) So, I mean, it’s no MoMA (hahahaha not even close) but still. I wanted to document everyone hanging up their pieces, so I walked around with my iPhone, snapping away.

I was getting really picky with presenting my work. I love rainbows, so I initially arranged my prints in rainbow color order. But I tried a couple other arrangements, so after about 20 minutes of moving things around I ended back where I started. Then I had to hang them, and I started off as being extremely meticulous, but after a while I think I lost some steam- but my prints looked nice, and they look like they were in a decently straight line.

Friday night was the exhibition. My classmates and I were just kinda there, walking up and down the hallway slowly, not sure what to do (I mean, at least I was…) But, people came to see our work, and we each got to talk about our projects to people who asked. Plus, my mother, boyfriend, and two best friends came to the show, which was really great. We acted a little goofy, too.

My friends even brought me a flower!

All in all, it was a nice night. I’m looking forward to the next exhibition I will have a hand in planning, whenever it may be! Now, my “Fictionisms” series isn’t finished, despite having an exhibition- I have two more weeks to work on it, so keep an eye out for the finished product. (:

Film Scanner

My long-awaited film scanner has finally made it to me. Thank goodness I never allow the lab to cut my negatives, since they have a difficult time printing them correctly. I like to do a lot of double exposures (as you all know…) and now I don’t have to rely on scanning in prints on my flatbed scanner.

Here are some photos I took at the beginning of the semester, scanned in.

The scanner is another one of lomography’s products (I’m seriously starting to think I’m a sales-pitcher for these people… I just get their products a lot,) the Lomography Smartphone Scanner. It’s basically a little lightbox with a small hole where I can align the camera on my smartphone. They have an app that you use with it, where you can make the negatives positive, and you take the picture of it with your phone- that’s why they aren’t super high quality. One day I will be able to afford a nice scanner, but for now, this is it.

The first four images (the ones that aren’t in a blue cast,) I took around my campus near the start of the year. I posted two images before from the same roll, but those two were the only ones that the lab printed correctly. The Marching Band ones are blueish because I used an expired roll of film, and the app couldn’t correct the colors too well. Hopefully the app will improve over time.

I also really enjoy the sprocket holes… Not something you get to see every day.

That’s all for now, happy shooting!

So I’m in College, Right?

I don’t know if you heard, but I’m a Studio Art student concentrating in photography. This semester I have no photography classes. I’ve been doing my best to continue shooting, but the universe seems to be against me. Here are my failed escapades.

I went to the beach the day before I moved back to school for a shoot that is a part of my Domestic series. It was a great time, and I brought my Minolta Weathermatic A for some fun underwater and splashing shots. It’s 110 film, so I had to mail it off to get it developed. I took the pictures August 18th. I sent them out the day before yesterday. I’m poor and in college- need I say more?

I’m in this thing called a marching band, and we have this thing called pre-season drill. I took pictures of some important events during the ten days I was drenched in sweat. I was rather excited- I got some great shots! So I took my film to Meijer ASAP to get printed. I don’t normally go to Meijer to get my film developed, but I was just too excited to wait. My excitement turned to sadness turned to anger when I went to pick up my prints and they told me my film broke in the machine.

Excuse me? It did what?

So yeah, I was majorly bummed out because there were many shots on that roll that I will never get back- my trip to Lake Michigan was also on that roll. I did get five prints out of it, but I only like two of the five, both of which are from my trip.

I’m getting really good at this whole analog business. And this double exposure business (I’ve been taking double exposures like it’s my job,) so seeing these two images made me excited but all at the same time sad because I lost a lot of shots that had fantastic potential. You win some you lose some, I guess.

The next debacle was weather related. On labor day a group of my friends and I were going to drive three hours up north to a beautiful crystal-clear lake for an underwater shoot. We were going to make a day out of it. Until the infamous fickle Michigan weather changed our plans. You can’t exactly do an underwater photo shoot when it’s 60 degrees outside… It’s just not a fun time.

AND THEN FINALLY- I was out shooting with my friend Claire, who is in an analog photography class. We walked around campus for an hour or so, and while I was showing her how to use her camera I was taking pictures of my own. I’m blessed to live on such a big and beautiful campus, and I filled half my roll with double exposures of it. Really, I’m on a double exposure kick. They’re fun.

Remember that marching band thing I mentioned? Well, I managed to get my camera into the stadium, and I took pictures of the band and the game. SO MANY COOL SHOTS. After the game I took the roll to Meijer to get them developed, because dangit these were going to be great and I was starved for actual negatives and prints and ahhhhhh

I got my film back.

I got the prints.

And they were printed wrong.

My photos turned out really, really well. So that’s good. The film didn’t get destroyed in the machine. So that’s good. I’m looking at the positives here, I really am. But c’mon, can I catch a break here?

I guess the double exposure nature of my roll confused the people behind the counter, because all my images but three were printed like, half-and-half. It’s unfortunate, because I just want to scan the prints in and show you how cool they look. But, alas, I cannot. I’m working on getting a film scanner though, so hopefully I can show you guys soon. Here are two of three images that they didn’t slaughter.

¬†At least I have these going for me, right? So that’s what I’ve been up to lately- lots of trying and not much succeeding. I have a minor project in mind in response to a controversial topic going on at my college recently, so keep an eye out for that. I have so many feelings and opinions about the subject that the only way I can really express it is if I take a photo of it. Y’know what I mean? That’s just one of the many things I love about this medium.

That’s all for now- oh! I have a Flickr account now, so go ahead and check it out when you have a minute.