January’s Photos, Year Two

Last January, I decided enough was enough and started to carry a camera with me wherever I went. It seems like that would be common sense, considering my passion for photography, but too many times I had missed a picture perfect opportunity because I didn’t have a camera with me. So, for the past year, I’ve been carrying my Fuji Natura Classica around, mostly searching for instances of beautiful light.

I’m going for round two, since I rather enjoyed this minor project. Some photographer somewhere said that photography teaches you how to see without a camera. Let’s go with that. So yeah. That’s what’s going on.

I’m not going to say anything about my life this past month and let my photos relay a story about how my life is more awesome than it actually is. Just piece them together. I’m really really cool– I mean, I have a lava lamp, that must mean I’m rad.

Happy Shooting!

June’s Photos

Since I’m leaving for London the day after tomorrow, I figured I’d finish up my film roll for the month of June and get bloggin’ about it. So, here are my favorites:

June was a busy and interesting month for me. Most notably, I moved out of my childhood home and into a new townhouse.  I couldn’t resist photographing some special moments, like my best friend Kaiden lounging in the plastic bags of clothes we threw down the stairs. He managed to get some pictures of our friend, Ian, “helping” us move the bags from the base of the stairs to the adjacent corner…

I had clearly lost control and needed to sit down from laughing so hard.

Moving to a new place is weird. I’ve been extremely spoiled all my life, having lived in one house. Change is a scary thing. I’m also pretty happy I did my photo series, Home Sweet Home, when I had the chance. My old home is now permanently documented. Once our new house is all set up, I may do another series, but I’m not sure what that would look like. We’ll see.

Side note: I say this a lot, but I have awesome friends. I had friends drop everything they were doing to come help my mom and I move out. They did things like endure dust and cat hair, carry extremely heavy things, wake up way too early for a Saturday morning, and drove long distances just to help me out, not asking for anything in return. So, not only do I have friends who want to help me with my photography, but they’re pretty rad at other things, too.

That’s my month of June! I shot a roll of tungsten film today that’s getting developed tomorrow, so I will hopefully have some more goodies before I leave for London in TWO DAYS. TWO DAYS PEOPLE. TWO. THAT’S LIKE. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

I’m so giddy thinking about what’s in store the next six weeks… Until then, happy shooting!

May’s Photos

For my new readers: since January, I have been challenging myself to carry a camera with me everywhere I go. Too many times I had seen a picture-perfect opportunity but didn’t have a camera with me, so I finally said enough is enough and I don’t go anywhere without one. I carry my 35mm Fuji Natura Classica with me, and fill up a roll every month.

The month of May was killer for photographs. I was worried that because I wasn’t at school and on a routine/walking everywhere, I would slack off, but it turns out the opposite happened. I’m super excited to show you… So here they are!

That picture of all the hair on the ground? I got a super-haircut earlier this month, and that’s all my hair! Well, it was my hair, anyway.

And that last picture? That’s my boyfriend, conducting some middle schoolers at a band concert. I had to share because I’m so proud of him (cue: awweee!)

Well that’s all for now- happy shooting!

April’s Photos

April Photos bring May… Photos.

So I didn’t finish my 35mm film role until the 6th, so I kinda cheated a little bit this month and didn’t complete it in a month’s time. But that’s okay, I still got some nice shots.

My scanner is really dusty. But the little dusts and fuzzies on the images make them look like they have a special effects filter, like they look older. I like that. Did I like, say like too many times in the past couple of sentences? I’m trying to like, make you realize I like what happened.

But I’m totally cleaning the dust off it off next time I use it.

My best friend, Kaiden, really saved my butt. We were at a graveyard, doing one of my Fictionisms, and I really liked (there it is again!) how the light was shining between the trees. I pulled out my Classica and went to take a photo- no film. I just kinda stood there for a minute, staring at my empty camera half-expecting a film canister to magically appear. Thankfully, Kaiden had a spare roll and he helped me out. You should check out his Flickr– he has some really cool double exposures!

I find that it is getting harder to keep up with this project, but I’m still carrying my camera everywhere. I think I had such a hard time this month because I was swamped with final exams and final projects. My head was hanging low whenever I was going somewhere, thinking about what I had to get done for the future instead of being in the moment. It’s kinda sad to think about how many wonderful shots I missed. I’ll have to try harder to be present in the present.

Something cool happened when I was scanning my images- my scanner thingy got jammed, but it kept scanning as I un-jammed it. I found this surprising image on my memory card:

It looks so cool! I want to try this with other images, maybe a mix of my photography, some stickers, maybe even magazines… This was such a happy accident and I can’t wait to experiment with it some more.

I’m thrilled it’s summer break for me now. I have so many experiments to try this summer- I’ll be sure to share them all with you guys and gals and others, so you can try them out too~

Happy shooting, everyone!


March’s Photographs

My photos for the month of March have been developed! Carrying my camera around with me (Fuji Natura Classica) every day is really paying off. I got a lot of cool, once-in-a-lifetime shots this month, and I’m super excited to share them! The opportunities for exploiting light were awesome, and this month yielded more photos than months previously.

This month started out with Spring Break, where I was home but locked inside because of the crazy cold. I got to visit with an old friend and we ate at coney island, where we constructed a masterpiece out of jam packets. I got myself a fish, Charlemagne, who is the best fish ever. He’s in a much bigger tank now, being the emperor of some anubias plants- I’ll have to photograph him in his new environment soon. I had the opportunity to make head shots with theater department students, which was really cool. The way the lights were set up made everyone look beautiful. Near the end of the month, the river was flooding, but while it was receding the temperature dropped, leaving weird ice-formations on trees and plant life. March was so exciting for spontaneous picture-taking! About half-way through the month I got discouraged, because I don’t normally take these kinds of photos. My photos are usually constructed, posed, or made with alternative processes. I considered doing double exposures for the month of April, but I thought about it and decided that I want to keep going in my current direction. It’s teaching me to find the beauty in the everyday, without any enhancements. And that’s a wrap for March! My camera is ready and loaded to take on April, and I’m determined to see this project through to December!