Natura[l] Ireland

The results are in! My roll of Fuji Natura Classica film came back un-fogged, which I was extremely worried about since TSA staff in both London and Dublin denied me a hand-check on my film. Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! Yay! I was so livid each and my friends had to hear me complain about it for a good ten minutes each time, but all is well and they are troopers for hearing me rant about it. Thanks guys, thanks.

These are pictures from my various adventures across the Irish island, including my escapades in the city of Dublin both day and night, my Northern Ireland adventures in the Dark Hedges, Giant’s Causeway, and the lovely little Irish town on the cliff side, and our hostel hallway and dormitory. Good times, good times.

A few weeks ago I posted about being nervous while taking photographs, and though I’ve moved past it quite a bit, I had a moment when I went to get these developed. I needed a friend to come with me to drop them off and pick them up, so I delayed getting these developed by two days. Whoops. I’m just gonna say that I had a good couple of weeks of totally creepin’ on people and snapping away anxiously but with reckless abandon, so it was bound to catch up with me anyways. And there was that photo specialist who looks like a mob boss who kinda sorta maybe intimidated me last time geez Al Pacino go back to America. But, c’est la vie! Gotta keep on keepin’ on!

I’m off to Bath, Glastonbury, Avebury, and Stonehenge this weekend, so expect, as usual, some shots.


Days in Dublin

Yesterday and today was Dublin.The first two days I didn’t spend anytime in the city, save for showering, sleeping, and eating french fries chips. So the past two days I actually stayed put and explored the city instead of running off into the wilderness and getting stranded there.

My friends and I woke up at not 5:30 in the morning on Sunday and went to Trinity College to get some homework done. We were initially planning on studying in the library, but I guess you need to pay to get in which was lame so we just sat on some steps instead. I wrote my writing assignment in one of the oldest colleges in the world, so hey, that’s pretty cool.

After being responsible students for about half an hour, we decided to go exploring. We just kind of wandered around without looking at a map, because we figured if we could get home from Northern Ireland we could surely find our way back to our hostel eventually. Obviously we made it back, and on the way I took some photos.

We basically just bummed around, popped in stores, bought touristy-things, and ate pizza. I have no photos of the pizza, though. Today we did the same thing, except we spent a lot of time in Burger King mooching off of the WiFi. Ireland was great, but I think we exhausted Dublin in just one day. If I could tour the Irish countryside some more though (with a way of absolutely returning,) I would stay forever. So, it’s good to be back “home” in London.

I’ll be getting my roll of film from my Ireland adventures developed sometime this week, so keep an eye out. Until then, happy shooting!