Business Cards!

I ordered business cards recently and I got them in the mail today! Check out how cool they look!

The Front


The Backs

I ordered these from They have great prices, and the quality is awesome. They have great templates for photography business cards, too! And, if you ever want to order more, they save your previous orders. The template I used allowed me to make five different backs, which is nice because I can give different ones out to people. Interested in senior portraits? Here, have the card with the senior portrait on it. Looking for something out of the ordinary? Here, have the card with the horse in the shopping cart.

Hopefully I’ll be able to give these out to people. I’m thinking maybe when I’m out doing a shoot and someone asks me what I’m doing, or when I’m standing in line at a store with some weird assortment of objects and the person in line next to me asks, “What are those for?” I’m thinking about leaving them in miscellaneous places, too. I’m new to this, can you tell?

It would be super cool if I could get more freelance work. Wish me luck!