Babes in the Woods (and Other Places)

This past weekend I visited some friends and attended their graduation party. I only had my Natura Classica with me, but I filled it quickly at their party, which was near a wooded area. I took some pictures of my friends (who I don’t normally get to take photos of so it was a treat,) and yeah. I don’t know what else to say so here are the photos:

At their party there was a huge bonfire that I got some good pictures of- but you won’t see those until I make my “May’s Photos” post! I filled my roll that was supposed to be for the month of May on these photos, so half the roll is from my random captures and the other half are of my friends. I loaded my camera with a new roll, so maybe I’ll fill it up before June (which is ten days away but whatever.)

The woods were really beautiful, I hope I get the opportunity to shoot Christine and Amber there again sometime.

I have a shoot tomorrow with a roll of film that I souped- I can’t wait to show you guys and give you the recipe!

Thanks for looking and happy shooting!