The Jade Plant Project Vol. 2

When I envisioned The Jade Plant Project a few months ago, I imagined a publication where survivors felt heard and seen. I figured it would be difficult to get it out into the world and to find people who wanted to participate. I knew that it would take some time to gain traction.

But damn, I wasn’t expecting the unanimous positive response.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our contributors for trusting us with your stories. Thank you to our donors for helping us cover printing costs. And, of course, thank you to our readers. We hope that our little zine is teaching you about the impact of sexual violence.

Volume 2 is now available online and in print. You can view the PDF HERE. 

If you’re in Chicago, you can pick up a copy of Volume 2 at the Chicago Art Book Fair. Saturday & Sunday, November 17-18th. Copies are available at the Columbia College Chicago table.

As always, if you want a hard copy delivered to you, please email We won’t charge you for the zine, since it’s free, but if you want to give a donation, we’d appreciate it!

You can donate to our PayPal account:

Thank you, and see you for Volume 3 in the spring!

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