Bye, 2016. Bye, Fall Semester. It’s Been Real.

As always, graduate school has challenged me in new and exciting ways.

This semester I decided to get back to what I missed: making photographs. I checked out a view camera and got to work on my newest body of work, Hidden in Plain Sight. What was nice about this rendition of my ideas was I was able to combine some of the tactics I’ve been using the past year: color theory, installation, and construction. There was a lot of hit or miss with this project, and though I made a lot of photos, I will probably only use a handful moving forward– because that is what I am going to. I’m going to keep making pictures for this series.

So, here, have my best ones, for your viewing pleasure. You can click on them to make them larger.

Most of these photographs were taken with a view camera, but the last month of the semester I switched to a Hasselblad 150CM. Oh and a couple were taken with a Canon 6D… So I switched formats a little, still working out some kinks and all that. Constructing these images was a lot of fun, though, but man… Just looking at them makes me feel tired.

Oh and have an artist statement! On really terrible children’s stationary!

Each of my semesters ends with a final review, where faculty and visitors from the Chicago arts community come and critique my work. This year I had the pleasure of having Natasha Egan, the Director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography, and Adam Brooks, one half of the duo that is the Industry of the Ordinary. I also had Paul D’Amato, Dawoud Bey, and Peter Fitzpatrick, all wonderful faculty members, on my panel.

During my review, I had my photo project hanging on the walls, some reject photos on the table, and a video piece. I’m still tweaking the video piece, as I’m not ready to show it just yet, but when I do show it, trust me, it’ll show up on this blog.

I also included some side projects I did this semester, like the razor blades covered in glitter. It was one of those ideas that popped into my head that was like “Wow, this is a stupid idea… I’m gonna do it.” And I uh, did it. I also pulled quotes and poetry all semester and wrote them on children’s stationary, and they were usually quotes that were, uh, not kid-friendly. Because irony or something. (I swear I’m in grad school and I’m a very eloquent young lady… Just not right now, aight?)

It has been an interesting semester, with a lot of challenges. I learned that a view camera is a great tool, but I’m not the best at it and there are cheaper alternatives (hello, 6×7 format, you beautiful, beautiful thing, saving me money and sanity.) I’ve also learned that I love to take pictures, but I also love to make things. I did a lot of mixed media work last year, and I’m not going to give that up. My goals for the next semester is to find a new, interesting, and effective way to display still photographs while combining installation. I only have one semester left, so I better make the most of it!

Happy Shooting, friends!

4 thoughts on “Bye, 2016. Bye, Fall Semester. It’s Been Real.

  1. thanks so much for sharing Danielle. You are testing a lot of different waters on your voyage, but I am glad to see that there is at least a bit (if not a lot more than just a bit) of content related to home and memory. Merry Christmas!

  2. Impressive work! I’m interested whether the installations in the photographs still exist? It can be reconstructed within the gallery space. I see a book happening? I took part in such an exhibition some years ago (2004) called Fragile Lives. It consisted mainly of installation, artist books and some paintings, photographs and printing. I just did a search and it is not recorded! I’ll contact the curators to ask why not.

    • Most of the installations no longer exist, unfortunately. I’m definitely thinking along that train of thought, though, as far as recreating the spaces in the gallery. If you get more information on Fragile Lives, I’d be eager to hear about it!

      • Incredulous that it wasn’t recorded, even for the gallery where it was held. I know there was TV coverage and some footage should be available. I’ll follow up and let you know. Heartbreaking work!

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