Reverse Researching Arlene Gottfried

Excerpt from Arlene Gottfried’s Mommie

For another Reverse Research exercise, I looked at Arlene Gottfried’s book, Mommie, and stumbled upon this image. Here is a list of factors and elements that I dragged out of this particular photograph:

  • floral
  • pattern
  • bed
  • book
  • archive
  • portrait
  • history
  • wedding
  • generations
  • comparison
  • heirloom
  • family
  • document
  • documentary
  • personal
  • diaristic
  • still life
  • temporal
  • mortality
  • nostalgia
  • longing
  • stories
  • sharing
  • construction

Mommie: Three Generations of Women is a book by Arlene Gottfried that documents her grandmother, her mother, and her sister. It’s very emotional, honest, and raw (at least, what I skimmed of it.)

Here is some info on Arlene Gottfried that I found on the internet:

  • Born in Brooklyn
  • Graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Freelanced for The New York Times Magazine, Fortune, Life, and The Independent in London.
  • She lives and works in New York City.

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