Wow, That’s A Lot

Just a list of the on-going projects:

  • self portrait collages
  • printing on razor blades
  • collecting and photographing sheets
  • pubic hair photographs
  • televisions and bears
  • embroidery on object photos

I don’t necessarily see this as an issue, considering each project has processing time usually exceeds the two weeks between critiques. For example, last week I spent most of my free time collecting CRT televisions (and I went to a lot of sketchy flea markets to find them…) I get to start filming the material to put on said televisions this weekend, since I needed to scout for places and am taking a trip to Michigan to do said filming. So while I prepare and plan for that project, I can work on things like printing on razor blades or photographing sheets.

The other thing is, this work is difficult. After spending hours looking up pedophiles on the sex registry, I wanted a drink. Hanging sheets and going up and down a ladder to do so is physically taxing and takes a while. Sometimes, your body and mind just needs a break. For me, this means working on another rendering of my ideas.

So I’ve been printing on razor blades. Initially, I thought I wanted to print the mug shots of sex offenders onto them, but I thought about it some more and thought I would also try houses. Using the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, I looked up the names of the offenders living five miles from my childhood home. The number: 1157. Which is rather terrifying. But anyway, I was able to get the addresses of these people, and I plugged them in to google maps and got “streetview” images of their homes, which I then took screen shots of.

Since my work is also talking about violation, I’m thinking that my methods of locating these people is a violation in some way. On the flip side, I have access to their addresses and what their houses look like because of technology. It’s a weird thing to think about, and I’m still sorting through it, but yeah. It’s a little creepy I can do all of this.

Right now the plan is to get screenshots of all 1157 sex offender’s houses, to print on razor blades. I think this speaks to the obsessive nature of my work. I’m also thinking from a parental perspective, and how dangerous it may feel to be surrounded by so many offenders while trying to raise a child. This sort of anxiety can be represented with the materiality of the object and the volume of them. This is what 1157 razor blades looks like:

That’s a lot of potential for danger. It also speaks to the anxiety survivors may feel, where hypervigilance is all too real and normal, everyday things may seem like a threat.

I’m a fan of working with physical objects as a compliment to my photographic practice. I think I’m on my way to making my work more universal.


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