Some Photos from the iPhone

I’m still just kinda doing the grad school thing (who knew that it would eat up my entire life? Oh wait… I did know that…) But I still carry around my trusted sidekick and life ruin-er, the iPhone, and it has my back when I see something I want to to photograph. So here, have some heavily-edited-by-apps renditions of my life:

Someone lost their fruit loops in the street. How tragic.

Also, my birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and my fellow first year grad students brought in donuts to celebrate. I was special and got the sprinkle one.

Also, the cross walk light person is missing their head. How appropriate is it, that this is the crosswalk at my school?

Also, currently obsessed with autumn sunsets.

Also– I noticed how many times I started a sentence with “also.” My bad.

Happy Shooting!

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