First Speaking Arrangement

I had my first ever speaking arrangement at the Midwest SPE conference last weekend, and it was awesome. Last fall, I applied for a travel award, to obtain funding to travel to the National SPE conference in New Orleans. I won the award, but the stipulation was I would have to also go to the Midwest conference, and give a talk about the work I applied with (which was Home Sweet Home, of course.)

Thankfully I have had enough practice talking about this particular body of work, since I applied to grad school with it, had ample opportunity to discuss it in interviews and portfolio reviews, and my senior thesis show revolved around it. I was comfortable talking about it.

I’m already looking into more opportunities to speak again, because it felt so beneficial. If you haven’t had the chance to speak about your work yet, I suggest giving it a try. It’s important for artists to be able to talk about their work, process, influences, and answer difficult questions on the spot. I loved it.

Here, have some shots of the conference, including yours truly being a little excited about being featured on an exhibition card.

Happy Shooting/Speaking!

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