China Glitches

In 2008 I went to China, just before the opening of the Olympics, and it was the best thing of my life. I went as a member of a group of elite cheerleaders, and we trained in gymnastics and did a performance for some big-wigs. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and about once a month, I die a little inside for not being into photography back then.

Don’t get me wrong– I loved to take pictures of my friends and I. I had a good eye even back then. But if I could go to China now? Oh man, the thought of photographing Beijing again makes my body ache.

Thing is, we went on this adventure June 2008. I didn’t start taking photographs seriously until October 2008.

That 4 month gap kills me.

Instead of having a DSLR on the trip, or a digital point and shoot, my mother got a cam-recorder that SUPPOSEDLY let you take stills of videos to get printed off as still images.

Jokes on jokes, because back in 2008 when we tried to get them developed, they were all pixelated and it was a sad, sad time.

We recently found our cam-recorder from hell, and I thought I could try getting the images/videos off of it. I did. Kind of. Okay, not really– the joke of this useless cam-recorder continues in the form of glitchy photographs of my adventures in Beijing, like visiting Palaces, the Great Wall, temples, and hanging out with my fellow cheerleaders. It’s all a beautiful, nostalgic, mess.

The cool thing is, I eally love these images. They are so different, and the feeling I get from them is similar to the actual feeling I have about that trip– there was so much to do in such a little amount of time, it was exciting, it was confusing, and I struggle, 7 years later, to piece together the memories of this trip. My brain is “glitching,” if you will.

I’m loving some of the accidental compositions. Thanks, stupid camera– I guess you’re one of those conceptual artists that makes society want to rip its hair out.

Happy Shooting!

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