Snapchat Adventures in Boston

Before I gush more about my trip to New Orleans, I have to gush about my trip to Boston (which was almost a month ago… I’m a bit behind the times here.)

And, of course, the best way for me to illustrate my trip is through snapchat.


My selfie game is gettin’ strong.

There were two things about this trip that were important: firstly, this was my first trip completely solo. No person traveling with me, no friends to stay with at my final destination. Solo~ Second, I was so sick and I thought I was going to die, so my time in Boston was spent in my hostel, taking Mucinex and sleeping so I would make it to my grad school interview not only with my voice, but alive.

They always say that it is about the journey, not the destination, and after this trip I can say that is very true. I spent 24 hours on a bus to get to Boston, including a 3.5 hour layover in NYC. While I was at Port Authority with every other poor soul who had to be at Port Authority past midnight, I met two incredible people. One was an Amish man from Maine, and we talked about Jesus and faith and all that good stuff. His love for others was clearly apparent, as was his love for his family, which he told me all about. It was lovely, meeting a kindred spirit.

The other person I met was a lady who lives in Maine but comes to NYC for her doctor appointments, something about not being able to get a doctor in Maine or something. The Amish man put her personality perfectly: “She seems like a well-to-do-person.” Her, the Amish gentleman, and I were the first in line for our loading dock, and we got to talking, because what else are you going to do at that time of morning while waiting for a bus that is three hours away? It was during our conversation she mentioned her health care dilemma. Apparently, she was an emergency response worker during the 9/11 attacks, and her lungs are all messed up from breathing in those harmful debris. I’m always so taken aback by stuff like that, and she said it so humbly, too. She did a lot of good on that day, and she’s paying for it with her health. Think about people like her, and thank them, because they are a special and rare kind.

But enough with my reflections. I hope my snapchats were enjoyable (I have so much fun making them on my travels, and hopefully that translates well,) and I hope that you pay some kindness forward today or meet a kindred spirit.

Happy Shooting!

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