The Window Sticker of Epic Lisa Frank Proportions (Ft. Snow White’s Animal Companions)

One of my most recent assignments involved creating a 2’x5′ window sticker. Okay, maybe window sticker isn’t the fine art term, but really, it’s a giant sticker. It was a cool project because it forced me to think about the installation space, i.e. what was outside the window.

Since I’m graduating soon, I’ve been forced to deal with the inevitability of real life. I’ll be leaving my easy-going life behind and take a step out into the scary real world. Talk about pressure. That’s the concept that was following me while creating this piece. It hung on my shoulders while scouring the library for books on the planet earth and trees and animals for scanning purposes. It kept nudging me, reminding me that even though NASA has free images of galaxies available on their site, I have to get my head out of the clouds and watch where I’m going when I walk across the stage this May. Thanks a bunch, future.

But my sticker looks like Lisa Frank made it, so there’s that.

Doesn’t my future look awfully snowy? I’ll take that as a good omen of getting into a graduate school program in the north (which is where all the schools I applied to are located–yay!)

Installing the sticker was easier than I thought it would be, especially because I had the assistance of my lovely boyfriend. Doesn’t he look great on that ladder? I think so, too.

My little animal friends in the corner of the doorway are funny. When asked about them, prompted with, “Are they representative of the people in your life?” I responded eloquently, “They’re just my animal friends. Kinda like Snow White.”

If I had a re-do button, I would go back to say that the animals are reminiscent of childlike innocence. These are the last few months of my life where I get to hold on to whats left on that in my life (and not metaphorically– artists do have the luxury of holding onto the creativity childhood brings, so at least there’s that.) So, my animal friends, my childhood innocence, is seeing me out the door. How’s that for concept?

That’s all for my animal friends and I for now. Go make a window sticker or something.

Happy Shooting!

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