Somebody, Pinch Me

My life has been ArtPrize this past week, and I’m SO okay with that. On Sunday, I had a lovely brunch with donors of the Grand Rapids Art Museum, where I met some wonderful people and was able to discuss my artwork with them.

But, really, I’m so excited it’s unreal.

On Wednesday, the opening of the competition, I went downtown and visited my work for a few minutes (I really wanted to check out how busy the museum was- it was busy.) I visited a lot of the venues in Center City and a few in Heartside, and man, there are so many talented artists! I was overwhelmed once more by how respectable this exhibition is, and how I’m surround by thousands of works by very worthy artists.

Also, I saw some cyanotypes. That is the sign of my people- they are around. Somewhere. But not lurking in the shadows, because, y’know, sunlight is needed for cyanotypes. Cyanotypes are pretty hip right now for photographers. We like to think we’re meta.

I keep expecting that I’ll get used to how crazy this whole thing is, but every time I start to feel even a tiny bit complacent, something cool happens. The other morning, I got called to set up an interview. And, a few nights ago, a friend of mine (thanks, Julie!) told me that my artwork was on the front page of the Grand Rapids Press.

My work.

On the front page.

Of an in-print newspaper.

Somebody, pinch me.

My work was also on I just keep finding out about these things second hand. It’s like I’m living in two totally different worlds right now: by day, I am a hard working student itching to graduate. By night, I am the artist who created Home Sweet Home.

There have been a couple blog posts about my work, but my favorite article was by Rachel Watson. Her post is a great read, so check it out!

I returned, once more, on Friday with a couple of friends, and I sat in front of my piece for about an hour, just watching people’s reactions. I had one guy standing right next to me, photographing my piece, and I chuckled a little because the artist was sitting right next to him, but he was oblivious. A couple people did double and triple takes, recognizing me, so even though I chopped all my hair off I guess I’m not as incognito as I thought I was. Darn.

The funny thing about this was I was actually waiting in line at my own piece, trying to snag a few of my postcards. And no one, except one highly observant lady, noticed. And, thanks to my friend (Caroline you rock!) here is photographic evidence, because I’m a photographer and I’m all about that sort of thing:

People were standing in line waiting to get at my piece. I got a bit teary eyed, because seeing all of these people really look at my work is a dream come true. And it’s all because I took a risk. And, on the bus, I talked to a lady who remembered my piece. This experience is truly rewarding.

So, yeah. If you’re around, be sure to visit the Grand Rapids Art Museum to see my piece (and vote for it!) Also, I have postcards for your enjoyment, and everyone loves postcards, so hey, incentive. I’m also on the front, and that face may be famous some day.

Go look at the art. Get cultured. Also, the food in Grand Rapids is amazing, and all the artists are fun and quirky. ArtPrize is from September 24th- October 12th. Don’t miss out!

Happy Shooting!

4 thoughts on “Somebody, Pinch Me

  1. I recall this same feeling. When my first story was published in Redbook (4.5 million readers!) I kept going to news stands and stores to check that it was really there, and I was on the cover and in the Contents page. And friends would call and tell me they saw the magazine and bought it. Totally unreal. To go from unpublished to published. Just like that.

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