From Monuments to Dumpsters (August’s Photos)

When I got home, I loaded my Fuji Natura Classica and started my “Carrying Around a Camera Everyday” project immediately. My suburban neighborhood was not as exciting as London or Ireland or Paris (or so I thought,) but hey, a photographer can’t snub picture opportunities.

So, here are my photographs for the actually-super-exciting-and-eventful month of August. Explanations and stories below.

When I was lamenting about how boring my life is in America, something big happened. I don’t know where you live, but if you heard anything about the flooding in the Metro Detroit area- that’s my life. That’s my neighbors. My neighborhood was one of the worst hit.

Our basement flooded- everyone’s basements flooded. We were lucky and didn’t lose much, but driving down the street and seeing all the ruined things sitting outside waiting for the garbage men to pick up… It was incredibly somber. The whole thing was heart breaking, but thankfully not many people were hurt or died. It could have been much, much worse.

So, I may not have been photographing monuments and cathedrals and World Heritage Sites, but I did photograph the antics of cleaning out our basement. And yes, those are my dresses hanging on the fence.

Other exciting things that happened:

  • I came home from London, went to take a shower, and there were doll clothes in the tub. Thanks, mom.
  • At our old house, we would hang clothes to dry on the shower curtain in the bathroom. Apparently basement ceilings pipes work just as well.
  • That doll appears again. Don’t mind the horse or the shopping cart- they’re part of the family.
  • I went to the Renaissance Festival and to a concert.
  • My mom is cool with cutting her hair with blunt scissors.

So, yeah. I may not be abroad, but life is still interesting. Next time I’ll think twice before complaining about my life being boring- this time it was a flood, next time might be the east coast collapsing into the ocean or something equally as devastating.

On that pleasant note- Happy Shooting!

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