The White Cliffs of Dover

What an extraordinary day! Today my friends and I went to the White Cliffs of Dover. I woke up super early (5:46AM, to be exact,) in order to catch a bus from Victoria Station to Dover with my friends Lindsay and Andrew. All was well, we got dropped off in the town center and- didn’t know where to find the Cliffs. So our trek to the tourist center happened, we were pointed in the right direction, and one hour of walking later we were at the start of the trail that would take us along the Cliff edge, France off into the distance.

While on this adventure, I was doing another photo shoot. I shot my friend Lindsay with expired tungsten film, so when those get developed they will be available for your viewing pleasure.

It was truly wonderful. I’m all about the scenery (remember my Ireland photos?) and when I would look behind me, there was the harbor, and when I looked in front of me, just this blue expanse. The weather was wonderful on our hike to the lighthouse, and we had tea there. It was a cute little tea place, so naturally I took out the camera.

After our tea time, we started our hike back down to town. The weather was starting to look suspicious, and sure enough by the time we got back into town it was pouring. But I still had half a roll of film to shoot! Thankfully my friend Andrew is a champion and was my lovely assistant by holding an umbrella over me while I took photos of my now-soaking-wet-friend.

We were wet.

We were cold.

We were exhausted.

But man, it was an awesome day.

Happy Shooting!

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