In Case of No Tripod in London, YOLO

Let’s talk about cheap tripods.

Don’t do it.

So, tonight a group of friends and I went to central London for some night photography. I was going to get some great shots, because, y’know, I had my tripod and motivation. I go to attach my camera to the tripod- it’s broken. It won’t attach. My life flashed before my very eyes. It was a good life that ended with no tripod.

We were already there, there were a bunch of us, and I was tripod-less. But, never fear, I made-do, got creative, and this is what happened:

I’m thinking about getting a new tripod, but that costs money and I’m poor. We’ll see. For now, steady surfaces like cement walls and bridges will do.

I enjoyed walking around and seeing other photographers trying to get good shots of the Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, and the Thames in general. Everyone was so focused with their tripods and crouching and such. It made my night.

That’s all for now though. Happy shooting!

P.S.- I mean YOLO in the most facetious way possible.

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