Bathing in Photo Ops

This weekend was another busy weekend. I didn’t leave the country this time, but I did see a lot of it. My classmates and I went to Bath, Glastonbury, Yeovil, Old Sarum, Avebury, and Stonehenge.

Bath was super exciting for me, mostly because I’m writing a novel that takes place in the time of Julius Caesar. So, anything Roman is instant interest for me. I’ve been wanting to see the Roman Baths since I was a little girl, so I was so stoked.

And I was not disappointed.

This weekend also marked my first ever international photo shoot. I dressed my friend Caroline in a classical looking dress and dragged her around Bath. I took the photos with my pocket film camera, so when they are developed (hopefully soon,) I will share them all and share the story.

Glastonbury was another place that was awesome. I had never heard of it, honestly didn’t care, I just wanted to find a Starbucks. I didn’t know what we were doing there, but apparently we were visiting an abbey. I was like, okay, whatever, it’s a church, that’ll be cool. Butttttttt then I found out it wasn’t just any ordinary abbey.

When you get out of the visitor center/museum space, it’s a totally different world. There were acres of green grass, and to my surprise, extremely old ruins. According to legend, this abbey was started by Jesus’ uncle, and King Arthur was once buried there. It was beautiful, it was humbling, and I was singing little hymns as I walked along taking pictures. I couldn’t help myself.

After the wonder that was the Glastonbury Abbey, we took a hike to a place called the Tor. I also had no idea what this Tor thing was, and my feelings towards it were kinda apprehensive- and even more so when I found out there was a giant hill standing in my way. So, a hike later up a tragically tall hill, I got to the Tor, and photos ensued.

It was really gorgeous. A few people in my group say it was the best view they’ve ever seen, and I kind of disagree and agree with them- but hear me out. I disagree because I’ve seen some pretty amazing landscapes. I agree because I’ve never seen this landscape, and dang, it was beautiful. You feel me?

So, after spending a night in Yeovil, we went to Old Sarum for a few minutes (like, really, we were there maybe half an hour,) then to Avebury for basically lunch and a good look at the stones (oh, hey, giant stones, we gotta get back to the bus holy crap,) then FINALLY AFTER ALL WEEKEND we made it to Stonehenge.

It was crowded.

We had to take a tram.

And it was great.

It was everything I expected it to be, except the construction work off in the distance (I wasn’t too thrilled about that.) It’s weird, seeing something that you’ve spent your entire life seeing in textbooks, on postcards, in documentaries. It was right there. Too bad you can no longer go near it and touch the stones or anything, but I can’t imagine how crazy that would be with the hoards of people that were there.

I got my hands on some color infrared film and took some pictures of Stonehenge with it, so I’m hoping for some cool effects from that.

Also editing photos is getting meticulous so here have a thing that wasn’t.

Happy shooting!

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