Much Ado About Photography

Stratford upon Avon (or as I kept incorrectly saying, Straton upon Avon…) was a beautiful surprise. Being the town Shakespeare is from, I was anticipating a microscopic hamlet (ha, pun,) with a ton of Shakespeare themed shops. However, that was not the case, even though there were a plethora of Shakespeare shops (and a pub with a sign featuring Shakesbeer. I love the British sense of humor.)

We visited good ‘ole William’s home, snapped some touristy photos, and carried on our merry little way to burn eight hours in the town before seeing a production of Henry IV. A few friends and I carried on with our tourism and visited Shakespeare’s grave at Trinity Church.

And oh my word.

It was a spectacular experience.

While we were there, staring at the beauty of the church, a school choir (I imagine they were middle school age,) was practicing. It was so clear and pure and it made my heart flutter and melt all at the same time. It was one of those moments when you know that as long as you live, you will never forget how you felt right then and there.

So after having an overwhelming spiritual experience near Shakespeare’s grave, other adventures ensued, like wandering around the shops in town, getting lunch at a pub (not the one with Shakesbeer, I’m afraid,) and waiting for the play to start. When we were browsing shops, we went into an antique shop.

And guess what I found??

A twin reflex camera! I’ve been looking for one that actually works and reasonably priced and not on eBay for FOREVER, and there one was, in a display case, calling my name, saying, “Try me out! Play with all the knobs and buttons! Maybe I can fulfill your dream of having a medium format camera!” And, alas, was in working condition and it is now in my possession! I’m going to get film for it (I saw some at an Urban Outfitters I adventured into yesterday whilst window shopping,) and see what kind of results I can get from this ancient camera.

And that was my adventure in Straton Stratford upon Avon. I took a few pictures on my Natura, but obviously those won’t be shown off until I get the roll developed.

I’m pretty tired and I can’t think of a way to gracefully end this so. Bye. Happy Shooting!


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