Love [for photography] is Merely a Madness

“Love is merely a madness.” – As You Like It

Today was a busy day. It was a lovely day. It was a day where, of course, I forgot a memory card for my digital camera. It was safe in my flat still in my laptop. Awesome.

So, now, I have a spare memory card in everything I have with me ever.

This morning my classmates and I had a tour of the Globe Theatre. It was pretty exciting, our tour guide was enthusiastic and had great spiky hair, and I learned trivial stuff about the Globe. Awesome.

After lunch on the Thames we had a tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Now, this was my second time to the cathedral, and it was as wonderful as the first. We had a guided tour and, once again, I learned cool trivial things. We also climbed up to the outside of the dome, which I did not get to do last time. Pictures ensued.

I had my Fuji Natura Classica, so I hopefully got some beautifully lit shots, but my iPhone came to my rescue as usual. I don’t really enjoy many of the pictures I took on it though, so hopefully the ones from my Natura will come out nice and all will be well.

We crossed the Thames via the Millennium Bridge, and oh my word the Cathedral was stunning. Last time I was here I only saw the west side, so it was such a treat to see the dome towering over me. I really wish I had my digital camera in proper working conditions, because the scenery was a perfect addition to the instax series I’m working on. Oh darn, looks like I have to return.

Tomorrow morning I am going on a quest to find a lab here in London that has a fast turn-around. Then the plan is to go to Regent’s Park and take those photos I was talking about the other day. I’m bringing my IR filter, so… Hopefully I’ll have some unique images.

But, that’s all for now. Happy shooting!

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