I’m Not Sure What to Title This, But Whatever I’m in London and I Took Pictures

I touched down yesterday morning at about 7AM, and headed to Regent’s University with my classmates. Once we got there, we put our bags down and went to explore the gardens.

Guess who didn’t have their camera? Moving on from that embarrassing confession…

I did carry my camera everywhere after that, the only exception being to the grocery store today. Now, I’ve only been here two days, but I have some observations:

British people really like their soccer football. My classmates and I were at a pub during the Mexico/Holland game, and I was pretty giddy about the reactions from the other people in the pub. It was fantastic, mostly because one family was rooting for Mexico and the entire pub was rooting for Holland. The shade that was being thrown… My oh my.

Grocery shopping is an experience. We went at about noon on a Monday. See, where I come from, that’s not a heavy shopping hour. Most people are at work or in school. But, apparently, everyone in Bloomsbury does there shopping around that time. My anxiety was skyrocketing and I kept apologizing while weaving through people just to get some grapes. I was apologizing very quietly though, mostly because I am super aware of being American and I don’t want the people I was bumping into to also be super aware of that fact.

The oven is called a “cooker” and a microwave is called a “crisper.”

But, enough of that. This is a photography blog, so here, have some photography:


Hopefully I’ll have some more film stuff to show you by next week. I’m so excited to be back, my camera bag is shoulder-breaking heavy, and my index finger is ready to press some shutter buttons. Tomorrow morning I plan on rising early (I mean, my classes don’t start until 1PM, so I have a morning to explore London) and heading to Regent’s Park, to get the shots I didn’t get yesterday when I forgot my camera oh my goodness why did I do that.

Today, there were many adventures. After taking the tube to Baker Street in order to figure out how to get to class tomorrow, my friends Andrew, Lindsay, and I decided to go to central London to see Westminster, the London Eye, and Parliament. We rode the tube forever because we took the wrong direction (ha) and by the time we got to the Westminster stop, it was raining. So, we spent about 45 minutes under an awning waiting for it to let up, and then proceeded in a random direction and took lots of pictures.

When we were on our way back home, we goofed around in King’s Cross for a little while. We were trying to find Platform 9 3/4, but we were on the other side of the station, as it turns out. I guess we’ll try another day.

We ended up going to a pretty cool pub last night called The World’s End. I’m not a drinker, and I honestly was debating on not going, but I’m glad I did because not only was the pub cool inside, the Nigeria/Germany game was on and the atmosphere was contagious. We ended the night with getting lost in Camden town. My feet were going to fall off.

I love London.

Well that’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll have more adventures and photographs to share tomorrow. Until then, happy shooting!


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