June’s Photos

Since I’m leaving for London the day after tomorrow, I figured I’d finish up my film roll for the month of June and get bloggin’ about it. So, here are my favorites:

June was a busy and interesting month for me. Most notably, I moved out of my childhood home and into a new townhouse.  I couldn’t resist photographing some special moments, like my best friend Kaiden lounging in the plastic bags of clothes we threw down the stairs. He managed to get some pictures of our friend, Ian, “helping” us move the bags from the base of the stairs to the adjacent corner…

I had clearly lost control and needed to sit down from laughing so hard.

Moving to a new place is weird. I’ve been extremely spoiled all my life, having lived in one house. Change is a scary thing. I’m also pretty happy I did my photo series, Home Sweet Home, when I had the chance. My old home is now permanently documented. Once our new house is all set up, I may do another series, but I’m not sure what that would look like. We’ll see.

Side note: I say this a lot, but I have awesome friends. I had friends drop everything they were doing to come help my mom and I move out. They did things like endure dust and cat hair, carry extremely heavy things, wake up way too early for a Saturday morning, and drove long distances just to help me out, not asking for anything in return. So, not only do I have friends who want to help me with my photography, but they’re pretty rad at other things, too.

That’s my month of June! I shot a roll of tungsten film today that’s getting developed tomorrow, so I will hopefully have some more goodies before I leave for London in TWO DAYS. TWO DAYS PEOPLE. TWO. THAT’S LIKE. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

I’m so giddy thinking about what’s in store the next six weeks… Until then, happy shooting!

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