April’s Photos

April Photos bring May… Photos.

So I didn’t finish my 35mm film role until the 6th, so I kinda cheated a little bit this month and didn’t complete it in a month’s time. But that’s okay, I still got some nice shots.

My scanner is really dusty. But the little dusts and fuzzies on the images make them look like they have a special effects filter, like they look older. I like that. Did I like, say like too many times in the past couple of sentences? I’m trying to like, make you realize I like what happened.

But I’m totally cleaning the dust off it off next time I use it.

My best friend, Kaiden, really saved my butt. We were at a graveyard, doing one of my Fictionisms, and I really liked (there it is again!) how the light was shining between the trees. I pulled out my Classica and went to take a photo- no film. I just kinda stood there for a minute, staring at my empty camera half-expecting a film canister to magically appear. Thankfully, Kaiden had a spare roll and he helped me out. You should check out his Flickr– he has some really cool double exposures!

I find that it is getting harder to keep up with this project, but I’m still carrying my camera everywhere. I think I had such a hard time this month because I was swamped with final exams and final projects. My head was hanging low whenever I was going somewhere, thinking about what I had to get done for the future instead of being in the moment. It’s kinda sad to think about how many wonderful shots I missed. I’ll have to try harder to be present in the present.

Something cool happened when I was scanning my images- my scanner thingy got jammed, but it kept scanning as I un-jammed it. I found this surprising image on my memory card:

It looks so cool! I want to try this with other images, maybe a mix of my photography, some stickers, maybe even magazines… This was such a happy accident and I can’t wait to experiment with it some more.

I’m thrilled it’s summer break for me now. I have so many experiments to try this summer- I’ll be sure to share them all with you guys and gals and others, so you can try them out too~

Happy shooting, everyone!


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