Spartans Will

This weekend I took photos of my best friends for their upcoming graduation. I’m trying to remember if I did something like this before, but I don’t think so. Last time I did portraits for someone was a little over a year ago, and since then I have gotten much MUCH better at directing and judging light.

These kinds of shoots aren’t normally my thing. My kind of vibe is more like, “Here, take this random object and stare moodily out into the horizon, contemplating the essence of life,” or, “Here squeeze this balloon until pops while retaining a stoic expression,” or, my personal favorite, “Yeah, there may be tornado sirens going off, but just ignore them and pretend you’re an adventurer.”

Yeah, saying, “Okay smile- don’t give me any of those fake smiles! C’mon, give me a nice laugh- there we go!” is not really what I do. But, my best friends look beautiful and I enjoy how the photos turned out. I got to be a little creative and out of the norm with a couple of them, so I’m happy. I even got to do some cheesy editing- c’mon, you gotta admit, doing the cliche stuff is fun every once in a while.

I hope I get to do more commission work in the future. I’ve done studio head shots, graduation photos… I wonder what’s next?

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