Fictionisms, Completed

My body of work, “Fictionisms,” after four months, is finally complete.

It’s been a ride. I’m pretty committed to my projects, so the commitment for this project wasn’t a stretch. Then again, I started seeing letter shapes whenever I closed my eyes, so I’m glad it’s over. I was originally going to have 25, then 18, but the final number ended up being 16, as I ran out of time. But, as my classmates and professor also said, 16 is a solid number for this type of work. Any more and it would be monotonous.

But, here they are, all presented together.

Pretty colorful, right?

I really did enjoy this project. The professor who taught the class I audited is a professor I’ve had twice: once for Intro to Fiction Writing, and then Advanced. I always looked forward to his class, for several reasons. One of the reasons was the way he put things, which was honestly and unapologetic-ally. I knew that he would make me a better writer. His advice was profound to me; he would say something about writing and I’d hurry to write it down before it faded away, forgotten.

I got to take those phrases and transform them with my passion for photography. It was pretty stellar.

With this project, I had to branch out and use people I don’t normally use for models, since I didn’t want any repeated faces. I’m so glad I did this. I found that not only do I have people who aren’t too daunted at the aspect of being photographed, but I have a lot of people in my life who want to help me. I also discovered that all of these people can model. I’ll never have a problem finding people for a project.

So, thank you, everyone who helped. Thank you to the professor and the students for letting me audit your class. Thank you to my friends and to the people who I don’t know as well as I would like to, for modeling for me, for putting up with the constant flux of schedule changes, for the unexpected flashes of light on your unsuspecting eyes. And to my photography peers, for your suggestions and dealing with my constant, “Do you think x amount of prints will be acceptable for final crit? Do you? Are you sure?” A lot of my work couldn’t be done without the support of the people in my life.

But enough with the sap, y’all know I’m thankful.

Now that I’m down with my photography classes for the semester, I wonder what’s next for me. I did a little bit of stuff on my own these past few months, but now I have a whole summer stretching out before me, full of possibilities. I was looking back on everything I did last summer, and I feel excited. I want to create more, learn more.

I’m so excited for what’s ahead. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

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