More Fictionisms

I have more photographs for my “Fictionisms” series. I’ve noticed the compositions are getting more complex as time goes on, which has its pros and cons. On the pro side, I’m getting better with Photoshop and the images look cool and they work with the lesser-complicated photographs. On the con side… Well, they’re taking longer to make and causing me more headache.

Here are images 8-12!

“The reader wants a handle on what’s going to happen in the story.”

“People don’t change. They reveal themselves.”

“Characters worth writing about are seen in ourselves.”

“You have to laugh at the world; if you don’t, it will crush you.”

“The wandering has to lead to something.”

That castle one took me FOREVER. I kept getting overwhelmed and had to take breaks. But, it’s over now!

I’m honestly getting worried over this project, since I have, what, 12 images and I need to have 25 total in two weeks? Granted, I have shoots lined up, but still… If these keep getting complicated, I don’t know what I’m going to do. But, alas, onward!

Things are getting intense, since the semester is coming to a close. Wish me luck as I get through my final projects in one piece!

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