February’s Photos

Even though my last roll was half of January and half of February, I decided to do a roll for the remainder of February. That way, I’ll be carrying a roll around for a whole month from here on out, and not half and half (like half of February and March, half of March and April… you get it, I’m not sure why I’m explaining this because you’re all smart so I’ll stop typing in this parenthetical now.) This is my roll from February 12th to the end of the month. They may not be as exciting as my studio photos I posted earlier this week, but it’s nice to carry around a camera and capture things I find nice. It’s teaching me that not all my images need to be elaborately constructed.

I’ve been carrying my Fuji Natura Classica with me everywhere. I’ve forgotten it at home a couple of times and whenever I do I kick myself because, without fail, I run into a scene that’s simply gorgeous and I don’t have my camera. Typical.

I’m wondering about the dates of my photos. I’m sure I can fix it in my camera, but the manual is in Japanese, as are the controls. That’s not really a good excuse though, since the internet exists and I’m sure the manual is in English somewhere. So, what I’m really saying is I’m lazy and you should ignore the time stamp because it’s wrong and I did not take these photos in 2005 because in 2005 I was in middle school dealing with puberty, not in college taking pictures of boys in dark rooms.

So there’s that.

Right now I’m working on my research project that I mentioned earlier this month. I’ll have more images up in a week and a new explanation, as my project is evolving. I’m also planning a shoot right now in downtown Detroit, so keep an eye out for that.

It’s going to be an exciting week in photography. For all my readers out in warmer regions of the world, please send some warm weather my way so my fingers don’t fall off while I’m shooting away!

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