Early Semester Mishaps

I’m in two photography classes this semester, one of them being studio & location lighting. This weekend I worked in the studio for the first time, to complete an assignment.

And man, you have to think about so much when you’re in there.

Perhaps the well-seasoned photographers reading this are laughing and nodding at my above comment, but man, I was so stressed! I was trying not to break anything, trying to set everything up correctly, having to move lamps every four seconds, getting frustrated that I set up a wrong exposure since I know my equivalent exposures… But all was well, until my battery died. And I forgot my charger.

This was Saturday night, after I had just finished replacing a black backdrop with a white one and was getting ready to shoot a white cube against a white background… and it died. And my hopes and dreams died with it as I put everything away, since my shooting was over (and now I’m buying an extra battery and I put my charger in my bag…)

When I returned Sunday, I re-set everything up, finished, tore it down, and continued on to another part of my assignment. About halfway through that one, I realized my white balance was on the wrong setting, and all my previous pictures had an orange-ish cast.

My hopes and dreams died again.

So, I changed my white balance and carried on, taking note of my mistake for next time, since I didn’t have the time to go back and re-do the previous assignment (I had only three hours in the studio and I was running out of time.)

And that was my mishap in the studio. White balance- I’ll never forget it again, trust me. I did get a little bit of a reward at the end though, where I got to set up a creative still life using Styrofoam and objects of my choice.

The studio is so frustrating to me, because I don’t know anything! During every class I jot down things that my professor says that I have no idea about, and I go home and I research and research and research until I can talk about those things comfortably. This class is going to be a huge challenge for me, and not because I don’t know how to use anything. It’s going to teach me that my knowledge is not yet complete, and I have so  much more to learn, and that’s okay. Nothing to beat myself up over.

Live and learn.

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