Polar Vortex and Photography

I live in Michigan. It’s cold here in the winter. That’s normal weather behavior. However, Michigan was hit by the polar vortex that was passing through the United States, and it was as if winter in Michigan took a couple of steroids. Make that a couple of bottles of steroids.

Here is some perspective as to how cold it was:

One night it was so cold that the steam on the windows in the shower room froze to the windows. Ice on the windows, inside.

People’s eyelashes were freezing together.

Bubbles could freeze. Throwing boiling water outside would cause it to instantly vaporize.

It was colder here than the South Pole.

My university had it’s 6th snow day in school history. My school opened in 1855. So,  I stayed inside all day. I didn’t have one of my photography classes which bummed me out, but I took care of it. I opened my blinds to look outside and fell in love with the light. So, I set up my camera, threw on a dress, and voila!

One of my goals this winter season is to go out and take pictures in the snow. I want to try my hand at landscapes. People are almost always present in my work, and I think it’s time to expand my horizons (which is almost a pun, because landscapes, horizon lines, horizons… like I said, almost a pun.)

So, yeah. I don’t really have much else to write about. I just missed writing. I think my next blog post will have a little something for you guys to try out. (:

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