Film Scanner

My long-awaited film scanner has finally made it to me. Thank goodness I never allow the lab to cut my negatives, since they have a difficult time printing them correctly. I like to do a lot of double exposures (as you all know…) and now I don’t have to rely on scanning in prints on my flatbed scanner.

Here are some photos I took at the beginning of the semester, scanned in.

The scanner is another one of lomography’s products (I’m seriously starting to think I’m a sales-pitcher for these people… I just get their products a lot,) the Lomography Smartphone Scanner. It’s basically a little lightbox with a small hole where I can align the camera on my smartphone. They have an app that you use with it, where you can make the negatives positive, and you take the picture of it with your phone- that’s why they aren’t super high quality. One day I will be able to afford a nice scanner, but for now, this is it.

The first four images (the ones that aren’t in a blue cast,) I took around my campus near the start of the year. I posted two images before from the same roll, but those two were the only ones that the lab printed correctly. The Marching Band ones are blueish because I used an expired roll of film, and the app couldn’t correct the colors too well. Hopefully the app will improve over time.

I also really enjoy the sprocket holes… Not something you get to see every day.

That’s all for now, happy shooting!

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