Sewing on Polaroids

I busted out the Polaroid 600 after looking through some really inspiring work on Flickr. I was especially inspired by ester.helloo!,who sewed on one of her Polaroids. I’ve been meaning to sew on a particular image of mine, and I was inspired to tweak my idea (my initial idea was to print an image on fabric.) So I snapped a Polaroid of my photo I shot a couple months ago, sewed on it, scanned it in, and tweaked the colors. The film in my Polaroid 600 is super-duper expired to the point it’s almost impossible to make out the images, so even though it felt weird to be editing film, I feel justified. Plus the result is really awesome.

I’m extremely happy with this. Do you ever have a project in mind, and you just can’t seem to get what you need for it, or the lighting isn’t working, or your model keeps cancelling, or the sky is falling or the apocalypse is four days before Christmas? This was one of those projects that just wouldn’t let me win. I would love to do more of these, but I only have 2 shots left in my Polaroid 600, and for continuity’s sake (I do love continuity) I won’t be shooting more of these on different film. So, I’ll either do two more or won’t do two more. We’ll see how I’m feeling I suppose!

That’s all for now. Keep shooting!

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