Photos in the Pool

It’s been a while, mostly because I’ve been sick and poor. I went to Chicago at the beginning of the month, and none of my photos came out. ): Major sadness. My heart was crushed. I didn’t know how I could possibly go on… And then I got over it and figured I’ll probably be in Chicago some other time. C’est la vie.

SO ANYWAY. I took a really silly and cheap little camera to my friend’s swimming pool for some fun. I was impressed with the results the camera yielded, for being such a cheap piece of- ahhh. You know those disposable underwater/all weather type cameras people take on vacation? Well, it’s like that, only non-disposable. You can find them on ebay. So I took this camera and some old sheer curtains of mine and kind of just winged it. At one point I just told my friend: “I don’t know, just go underwater and just do something I don’t know.” Sometimes even artists have no idea what’s going on and they just pray to the art muses to “let them win.”

Here are some of the results. Be sure to check out the rest in the film work tab!

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