Unexpected Polaroid Adventures

I was thrifting recently and I came across a Polaroid 600 camera. Skeptical, I started doing my camera checks to see if it worked. I popped it open and went to check the shutter release and- FLASH!- out pops a lovely Polaroid of the ceiling I accidentally took… I didn’t know the camera had film in it! And, to my pleasant surprise, there were four more shots left on it. The film looks pretty expired, but given the right subject I could make it work.

I decided to surf the web and see what other people have done with their Polaroid film. I was originally looking for subject matter to inspire me, but my search eventually turned to different experiments to do to the film. From bleaching to sticking them in dishwasher. I wasn’t feeling utterly ambitious and confident in these methods (and to be honest I couldn’t find any tutorials…) so I took to burning the picture I accidentally took at the thrift store.

Yeah, you read that right.

I burned it.

Now, I’m not a pyromaniac, and I’m not particularly fond of fire. With the assistance of my father, sister-in-law, and a couple sparklers, I managed to get some interesting results.

I probably breathed in some toxic chemicals that I’m going to regret 50 years down the road, but whatever. Anything for art, right?

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