There once was an under-saturated girl living in an over-saturated world.


There once was an under-saturated girl living in an over-saturated world. She loved the colors around her, but she was melancholy because she didn’t possess the amazing technicolor array herself.

She was painfully aware each and everyday of her inadequate hues in comparison to the lively ones around her. Why couldn’t she just get those colors on her own? Why didn’t she just become a spectrum of tye-dye? Didn’t she know that she was an eye sore to the rest of the world?


These thoughts plagued her each and everyday. Comments like, “Well, why don’t you just saturate?” and “You know, standing there being those bleak-colors isn’t going to change anything. You should really stop feeling sorry for yourself and go get some color in you,” were constantly thrown in her direction. But no matter how hard she tried, nothing changed. She tried saturating, but it didn’t work. She tried to stop feeling sorry for herself, but it didn’t bring the color back.

She was going to give up. She figured, “Why should I stay in a bright, happy-colored world when I am just a bleak and unsightly eye-sore? All I do is ruin the scenery. There’s no place for me here! I should just go and end all the trouble I’ve caused. And, I won’t have to feel so inadequate anymore…”

Just before she was ready to leave her world forever, she looked around one last time. She looked at the trees and the way they caught the opalescent light. She ran her pale, under-saturated hands through the grass and half-smiled, as if she could feel the colors beneath her palms, radiating in magenta, lime, cyan. She noticed her pale skin against the violet blades.

That’s when she had a realization.

Her under-saturation wasn’t a bad thing that needed to be changed. In fact, it was a gift: if she was over-saturated, how would she be able to appreciate the beautiful colors around her? They would all blend in. They wouldn’t look as bright and wonderful as they did to her in this moment. She was as spectacular as the world around her.

ImageI did this shoot today with one of my best friends. Her back yard is filled with trees and paths and other interesting nature-y things (like mosquitoes…) and when I saw her backyard a few weeks ago on a prior visit I demanded to come back (I mean, I kind of asked for permission… kind of…)

Admittedly, I completely winged it today. I had this scarf with all these different fabric scraps (pictured above) and figured I’d just work with that. Then, when I got home and started editing and got frustrated, I started playing around with the saturation and- voila! My idea hatched.  Sometimes a shoot that you don’t think is going to turn out well becomes something fun and interesting.

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