Practice makes perfect.

I’ve been in a kind of lull the past week when it comes to making work, but I haven’t stopped brainstorming ideas. I’m trying to get more illustrative with my work, which means more hours on Photoshop and learning even MORE things about the program (and when I thought I’ve learned everything…)

My most recent idea involves water. Waves. Splashes. The whole sh-bang.

Teensy-problem- I don’t know how to do any of those things! But since I’m insane determined, I’ve been searching for images that are inspiring, tutorials to teach me, and just generally huffing and puffing and curling into a little ball when my practice-image doesn’t work out for the first three hours.

I don’t want to screw up my awesome idea (this is something I have the tendency to do…) So, I’m practicing. And practicing. And guess what! Sobbing into my pillow and drinking lotsofcoffee.

Already I’m improving. The image on the left I did last night, whereas the image on the right I did today. I have another image that I’m working on, but let’s just say I have a hard time making boat wakes so that one isn’t going to see the light of day for a while.

You know when you take photographs in high school and you think they’re the bee’s knees and then you go back and look at them years later and you just sorta feel embarrassed? That’s the emotion I’m feeling. Minus the thinking-it’s-the-bee’s-knees-part, I went straight to the embarrassment.

But hey, if you don’t learn you can’t grow, right?

…. Right?

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