Shooting in the Summer Months

Finally, nice weather to practice my photography in. I’m looking forward to putting all my ides into action between now and late August. I’ve been writing my ideas down as they pop into my head, and now I can finally start crossing them off of my list. I’ve already got three shoots going on this week- exciting!

I’m not really sure what to do with my work that doesn’t really fit into a series. I think I’ll probably just dedicate posts to them, as to not make too many pages and clutter the blog (I think it’s getting pretty cluttered already!)

So, be sure to keep reading, to see what I’m working on!

I did this the other day with my friend (yes, I have friends- no, I didn’t find this girl and pay her to be my friend for the day.) Dandelions are popping up everywhere in my neighborhood, and I found this dress in the back of my closet- perfect! I used a Hoya Rainbow Spot filter.

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