Era of Phone Photography

It’s no surprise that cell-phone-camera use is a norm. Cameras on cell phones get better and better every year (the iPhone 5 camera has 8 megapixels… dang) and people use their cameras all the time- I saw someone using a camera on their phone on my way to class this morning. I can’t keep track of the number of times this week alone I saw someone using their phones for photography.

What also isn’t a surprise is how often I use my camera on my phone. A shocker is how I over use editing apps on my phone when I’m bored. (sarcasm, for those of you who are immune to it.)

There are a ton of cool apps out there that I like to use (when I’m bored, mostly) and here are just a few notable ones:



We know I’m in love with this app. I don’t have to explain why, right?


ImageLensLight is a great app for a lot of interesting effects that you can’t get on, say, instagram. It has filters such as the moon (TOTALLY NOT MY FAVORITE NO NOT AT ALL), some vintage light leaks, chroma spots, lens flares… There are some really awesome and really tacky things you can filter your pictures with. Looking for that ~hipster~ feel? Get LensLight and fulfill your dreams (of course, my dreams were dreams before it was cool to have them.)


ImageSomeone needs to take this app away from me. You can crop, sharpen, saturate/desaturate, vignette, matte, straighten, and apply many filters with this one. And you can just keep adding filters over filters. I get a bit carried away with that privilege, and I usually end up with images like the above- super tacky but super fun.

It’s fun to sometimes take a break from being so serious about my work and to just go all out and make bad things. If you have app capabilities, then I suggest the above apps. They’re a great time and they’re fun to use when you’re sitting on the bus, plane, train, bored out of your skull.

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