Old Family Photographs

I was doing some file organizing on my computer (it’s a mess- I can’t find anything without having to type it in the search box…) and I came across some scans I did a while back of some old family photos.

The top image is a of my grandmother when she was in high school (she looks far more happy about being in school than I have ever been in my life).

The middle image is a picture of my grandfather when we first joined the navy (LOOK AT THOSE EARS! WOW!)

The bottom image is my grandmother (left, with the super fashionable glasses) and a friend.

I just love these old pictures of them! It’s hard to imagine what they were like when they were younger because, obviously, I’ve only known them with their wrinkles. I especially love that bottom image of my grandmother- she’s so gorgeous and that smile is the most genuine smile I have ever seen.

I just never understood why people throw their old photos away. I find so many albums at thrift stores and antique stores, and I just want to take them home with me as if to say, “Hey! Don’t you worry! I’ll adopt you into my family!”

Really though, those EARS.

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